We believe more is being demanded of brands than ever before, from consumers, media, influencers, stakeholders, and employees. In order for brands to thrive, we need to communicate not just who they are but what they stand for, to the people that matter.

How do we do this? By creating movements that deliver real results and lasting change.

At Whink, we’ve mastered the art of communications over 20 years. We deliver real, sustained results, and never just punch in, punch out. Whether you are a consumer or a business, PR + Communications today has to be both print and digital-ready, and harness the power of media relations, social, and creative together.

We’re skilled across the board, allowing us to project your brand to the world’s press with disruptive concepts and unique customer-engaging stunts that storm into public consciousness. We have extensive experience in retail, fashion & footwear, cosmetics and health & wellbeing.

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